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    The Nicole Sandler Show is supported by listener donations and select advertisers.  Your help keeps us going, and every donation is truly appreciated.

    There are a few ways to support the show:


    - Subscribe!


    Become a “friend” with a monthly $5 donation..

    Become a “supporter” with a $10 monthly donation.

    Become a “benefactor” with a $25 monthly donation.

    Become an “angel” with a larger monthly donation!


    - Make a one time donation.

    You can do it online:


    or, if you prefer to do it the old fashioned way, feel free to mail your donations of any amount to


    Nicole Sandler 
    Radio or Not
    1440 Coral Ridge Drive #199
    Coral Springs, FL 33071-5433

    (please make checks payable to “Nicole Sandler” – Seriously. Please don’t write Radio or Not on the Payable to line, or they won’t let me cash it!)


    Special offer! For a limited time only, all donations of $25 or more – one time or recurring, via paypal or snail mail – will receive a special Radio or Not adorned cell phone pocket wallet like the one pictured below. Phone not included!

    RoN phone pocket










    - Support us by shopping

    Use the button below to shop amazon. It won’t cost you a penny more, but your purchase will help support us.

    And thank you for your support!


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