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Dec 072011

I’m in Washington DC this week for a massive action “Take Back the Capitol”.

Today was a thing of beauty, as thousands of the 99% visited 99 congressional offices to tell our representatives that we need more jobs and less corporate influence over this country.

I was in a group of around 30 people from Florida’s 22nd district who wanted to meet with the man who is supposed to represent us — Allen West.

After waiting a couple of hours, West’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff (along with the help of three Capitol Police they somehow needed by their sides) said that West would meet with three of our group. After saying that we all wanted to meet with our congressman, they agreed to allow a fourth.  Mighty generous of them, eh?

The rest of us? Denied.  So we’ll just deny him a second term.  Sound good?


3 Responses to “Taking Back the Capitol – Allen West Denied!”

Comments (3)
  1. Jis4Bam says:

    Love this – West is crazy and dangerous – like most crazy and dangerous people, he can be charming and appear quite normal at times – don’t be fooled! Get him angry and he goes off!

  2. litlgrey says:

    Don’t worry… we’ll just bump West into something better, like the Senate in the most blood-red district imaginable… or perhaps a tony Consultant position with the Family Research Council neo-Nazis. His Congressional loss will be the economic royalists’ gain.

  3. barkway says:

    West is an ass. How he ever got elected is beyond me.

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