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Apr 272011

It figures, my blog is the last place you’ll read about my arrest and subsequent incarceration after attending Allen West’s so-called Town Hall Meeting last night.

Since I spent last night in jail and, thanks to the sickeningly awful people at the Broward County Jail was subjected to three hours in solitary confinement in a 7×10 room, and then maced.  Nice, huh?

Anyway, I’ll have more on how it all unfolded on the show tomorrow, and then in a lengthier written piece after I get some rest, food and a shower.

But I do want to clear something up.  The video that’s floating around portraying me as a heckler doesn’t show the Medicare question that Mr. West was asked, the way he answered it, and my FOLLOW-UP question.

So, here’s how it actually happened:

And Congressman West, if you call it a Town Hall Meeting, you must interact with your constituents.  Otherwise, it’s a speech, which is what you were attempting to deliver last night.  If I had know that’s what you were going to do, I wouldn’t have shown up.


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  1. Obewon says:

    Nicole, please seek out, and Mike Papantonio’s help in filing suit to redress the many violations of our free speech right to redress our government.

    Tea Paranoids like article 32 court-martialed & fined for torture TP WEST prove that they care nothing of our rule of law.

    TP mock and ignorantly abuse our US Constitution, the founders legacy, our bill of rights, and our countries success in reversing; W’s 12/07 Great Recession’s record low everything since (R) Hoover accelerated his Repub Great depression .

    Always use your opponents mass, targeted against themselves Nicole :)

  2. NuttyLefties says:

    You are a racist hater– why did you want to heckle Mr West, is it because he looks different from you??? Is it because he’s BLACK????? You are a racist, pure and simple.

    • Obewon says:

      RW Nut above.

      Inform yourself of TP West’s court Martial conviction and $5,000 fine for personally TORTURING a policeman with 4 under his command.

      It’s no wonder why TP West was relieved of his Milt command as posted by a colleague today:

      A guy who was convicted at an article 15 proceeding and fined $5000 for violating articles 128 and 134 of the uniform code of military justice, after firing a pistol inches away from a civilian Iraqi police officer’s head during an interrogation.

      That’s what counts as a “stellar soldier” among fascist right-wing torture freaks like 1st_Platoon_Leader.

    • MikeEmm says:

      It is fairly clear the intent of the officers actions that night as well as West. His script was designed to end any chance of someone speaking unless they were a member of the church. That is why the people sent out were viewed by a church member first to see if the constituents met the qualifications to be there, I guess you know a lot about being a racist don’t you…and being a coward,

    • Katapoet says:

      It is beyond me how you can see racism in her comments. She would have asked anyone and everyone the exact same questions regarding Medicare. Think about it. He is a politician, she asked a political question.

      • NuttyLefties says:

        It is SO obvious re her contempt for anyone darker then her Lilly white privileged skin. She wants the days when “negros knew their place,” and if you don’t see that, you’re every bit a racist as she is.

        Again, you haters are pathetic.

  3. crystalAmy says:

    Guys like West and Limbada are not happy until they finish taking down America and all the freedoms that we stand for.

    It is unreasonable when you are giving away huge tax breaks to multi billion dollar companies and the top 2 percent of the population, but expect to balance budgets on the backs of the middle class.

    My heart goes out to you Nicole. I will continue the fight to expose all of these jerks.


  4. MikeEmm says:

    As someone that attended the meeting and watched the event unfold it was clear the officer was responsible for assault as well as swearing to a false statement and attempting to confine a citizen by abusing his authority. When Nicole was asked to leave she attempted to comply having to squeeze her way past the officer as well as while she was walking to the door on the aisle being grabbed from behind by the officer while doing nothing more that complying with a request. As the officer continued to block her egress and grope at her she kept drawing her arms to her body in a defensive manner and saying she was leaving and stop touching me.

    The abuse by Allen West and the Fort Lauderdale Police Department was deliberate and planned. The truth will come out and efforts will be made to hold those responsible for these violations,

    • djmimi says:

      MikeEmm, I hope others can testify to that as well! I think Nic should contact an attorney on false arrest.

      meanwhile to the nuttyL:
      I’m a long time friend of Nicole’s and I can definitely attest to Nicole NOT being a racist. First of all, race did not come up in her follow-up question to the congressman, so you are attacking Nicole on false pretensions. As a former co-worker of Nic’s, she has worked equally well with people of all color/backgrounds. I myself am non-white. I think you are the pathetic one (correct spelling by the way), not only in your weak attack on Nic, but because you can’t even come up with anything rational to say in a way that will make people respect your opinions.

      • Katapoet says:

        Hear! Hear! If you are not going to listen to the discourse before making your assumptions, do not involve yourself in discussions. You only make yourself appear uneducated and ignorant. Regardless of your ethnic, political, or religious background.

      • NuttyLefties says:

        Well congrats on being her only “non white tolken” freind

  5. FritzDaCat420 says:

    Nicole, youre first amendment, and civil rights were grossly vioilated. You should sue the Ft. Lauderdaile Police, Allen West, and Allen West’s handlers. Maybe you could get Mike Papintonio to take the case.

  6. FROM “LOSING MY RELIGION”, by David Templeton, 04/02/98:

    (excerpts) Rick Ross is an “[intervention specialist],” a world-renowned [expert] specializing in the [behavior] of destructive cults [and radical groups]. As a “deprogrammer,” Ross aids former members of [extreme groups] and their families to make the difficult transition to life outside of the controlling group.
    Working from his office in Phoenix, Ross has assisted members of the Davidian cult in Waco as well as Heaven’s Gate in San Diego. His website — a resource center for cult watchers and families of people who have disappeared into cults–includes a long list of reports on various cults, [controversial and radical groups]. Calvary Chapel is on the list.
    “I wouldn’t go so far as to call them a full-on cult,” Ross says. “But I will say that Calvary Chapel is an extremely authoritarian group where lots of control is exercised over the members. They treat Smith as if he has some special revelation, an elite calling from God. The churches under Chuck Smith all foster feelings of spiritual elitism. They are typical of a lot of groups who think they are God’s Green Berets, the epitome of God’s best.”
    Ross has twice been involved in transitioning clients away from Calvary chapels, each time contacted by parents who were alarmed at the intensity of the personality changes and frightening mood-swings their children experienced after joining Calvary…
    Others are more inclined to classify Calvary Chapel as a full-blown cult. “Cults, in my opinion, are about behaviors, not beliefs,” explains Janja Lalich, an expert on cult systems and mind control and the director of Community Resources on Influence and Control, in Alameda. “Cults aren’t always tiny religious groups off in some compound. I think anyone who says they have the answer, the one way, whatever it is, is potentially dangerous. Whenever questions are not really answered but always turned back on you like there is something wrong with you for asking them, that’s a sign that something is wrong.”
    And though cults are often identified by the influence of one charismatic leader, there is such a thing as a cult of consensus, she says. “Often it’s not direct orders from the leader at all but a group dynamic and a process that gets put in place,” explains Lalich. “It’s the peer pressure that can end up being even more important than the relationship with the leader. As human beings that’s what we respond to. You’re just going along with the norm and modeling yourself after the other members, and suddenly you are unable to think for yourself.”…

    SOURCE –

  7. MeMyselfnI says:

    Nicole and all you others in here
    I am new both to this country, to this show and blog ,and to this whole thing of talk-shows (I must say that the ability to receive all my news and other media by selective scrutiny of the internet, and not be dependent on TV and whatever crap is available in my area of radio broadcast, has saved my life after immigrating away from the freer world and into the US).

    But I guess one of the neat things about talk-show radio is that you develop a sense of personal relationship with the host after a while (that if, if he or she appear genuine and authentic and consistent in the values and opinions he or she voices). So, Nicole, I feel as if I know you – more than almost any other talk show host you appear to be yourself regardless of the issue, the hour, the day or – most significantly – whether or not you are on or off broadcast.
    Regardless of whatever disagreements we might have, THAT I respect and that alone makes me interested in hearing what you think and feel. Just like good friends, your authenticity and genuineness makes me feel that when what you say or do disagrees with me, I should hear you out and give you the chance to perhaps change my mind.

    I wanted to let you know that I am here, in any way I can and as often as I can. Hopefully I can provide something useful – perhaps a news link, a thought or something else that can be of some use for you in some way.

    I emigrated from a country anything but oppressive or deprived, ONLY because I had found an American online and – unlike him – happened to live in a society with a system allowing and enabling ALL people to realize their potential even if they had the misfortune to have the ability to show the world their true ability undermined by no fault of their own.

    Thus I could leave and come to him, and I am still here – solely because of him and because of being both puzzled, worried, intrigued and sometimes inspired by what I have experienced of the potential of the US people – the good and the bad. Thanks to the ideology of my home nation – “From each according to ability, to each according to need” – I have been able to live through and prosper in spite of experiences others might never have risen from, only to be able to now turn them into an ability to understand others better, to value better the small things that makes me feel good, and give to others the same chance that I was given to be seen through the dirt as a a human being with an innate potential that can prevail with just a little bit of help and trust.

    As yo already must know, your actions – and more than anything the reactions you elicited – at the townhall meeting have made your name known around the right-wing interwebs. For some reason some appear to find it important to point out that apart from just another “liberal heckler” you are also “more than just a “former” liberal talk radio host — she’s actually a regular fill-in host for many progressive radio shows”. Less important, obviously, is the fact that you are engaged in the actions and values represented by Allen West – both as a constituent of his and as a citizen with the kind of patriotic love for her country that calls people to stand up for their values and cry out loud when they are betrayed

    In my opinion you should draw every bit of attention you can from this – if not already done, make yourself available to every single talk show where you will be treated fairly and given time to state the case you weren’t able to make at the town hall meeting. Make the whole fucking internet your town hall, and let the right-wing hecklers play into your court everytime they cry and whine about you and what you say, They will try to piss on your parade no matter what you do, so why not use the hydroplaning to glide into national discourse?


  8. buckeyeken says:

    Thank you Nicole for fighting the good fight. I can see the RW talking points have already been established for this miscarriage of justice. I will not respond to those unbelievable statements. I am left wondering if this is a glimpse of our future. Voters are being disenfranchised and corporations are taking over our country at the expense of the less fortunate. Is this how we will be interacting with our leaders? Congressman West had more security than our president usually has out front with the people. So I guess now we have to risk jail if we want to speak to congressmen in a public forum. I do not remember anyone being escorted out by police during the summer of 2009 HCR townhall disruptions. Well thanks again for showing us how are government works.

    • NuttyLefties says:

      The good fight???? Nicole is an rabble rouser and got what all of her ilk deserve (ie Wisconsin union commies and Ohio union commies). It looks like the great old USA is waking up from it’s imbecillic liberal slumber.

  9. NuttyLefties says:

    Allen West is one of the very FEW politicians that are making any sense at all at this point and for you all to demean him just because he’s black is HORRIBLE. In the year 2011 we still have racists who will disparage a person solely because of the color of his or her skin. In this day and age for that to happens says A LOT about how you people think.

    Grow up

    • amata says:

      Seriously?? So let’s have a look at Mr. West’s birth certificate and school records, are you okay with that? Are you okay with all the racist slurs being thrown at President Obama? You must not be from your comments posted here. Nicole is not a racist, but a realist who understands the BS the “Tea Party” is all about!

      • amata says:

        Where is your outrage for President Obama????

      • NuttyLefties says:

        Obama is NOT black- you silly broad– he’s mallato– he’s mixed. Allen West is BLACK you racist pig.

        No outrage for Obama, he’s an imbecile

  10. cwize says:

    From what I could see in the early part of the video, there was a microphone set up for someone to approach and ask questions. From what I could hear in the video, you (and others) started shouting out without any sort of recognition. Granted the camera was shaking all over the place and you weren’t in the picture, so we can’t tell exactly what it was you were actually doing.
    Did you approach the mic, did you have the floor… or were you just shouting down Col. West? I’m not saying you needed to be arrested, but when people start shouting out – causing chaos… it’s not beyond reason that someone would come ask you to pipe down & wait your turn. Maybe you should have tried the “new tone” that our beloved President has called for. Remember, use words that heal.

  11. John Brookey says:

    I just sent an email to Congressman Allen West with the simple tilet and text “You should be ashamed”. Contact them through

    I intend to do the same for Officer W. J Rousseau CCN 1072 c/o the Broward County Sheriff’s Office when their site comes back up.

    I ask any and all that read this to do the same.

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