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Feb 282012

Rick Santorum has a Google problem…. among others.

The Google problem arose from his Neanderthal-brained comments equating homosexuality with “man on dog sex”.  From my layman’s point of view, I feel pretty confident in supposing that his other myriad of problems include sexual repression and insecurity, and religious better-than-you-ism.

I have spent a few minutes wondering what could have caused Frothy to become so twisted.  Then I realized that he graduated from Penn State University.

OK, I know that doesn’t necessarily mean he was molested in the shower by Jerry Sandusky.  But… he did/does have some weird symbiotic relationship with the alleged child abuser/pedophile.  Just do the research (you can forward in 2:05 to the gold)..


But, Frothy Santorum might just surge past Mild Mitt in Michigan today, thanks to Operation Hilarity. And yes, it would be hilarious…

Today on the show, in addition to all that, I was joined by three wonderful guests!

  • Thomas Schaller is a columnist at the Baltimore Sun, and a professor of political science at University of Maryland-Baltimore County.  We discussed “An American recipe for class immobility,” his latest for the Sun, as well as this truly insane GOP primary season
  • GottaLaff of The Political Carnival, in a shortened segment today, due to our third guest,
  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich who has been at the forefront of the progressive movement in calling for a Department of Peace!  Redistricting  in Ohio did away with the 10th District, from where he has served since 1996.  He’s now embroiled in a primary in the 9th District against Marcy Kaptur – who has sadly voted based on religion over a woman’s right to choose.  The Ohio primary is one week from today, and Dennis Kucinich could use our help!

Tomorrow on the show, Salon’s Glenn Greenwald, and economist Warren Mosler!


Feb 272012

Rick “Frothy” Santorum – you fucking hypocrite.  You say President Obama is “snob” because he wants every young person to have access to at least one year of higher education.  You, frothty, who hold an an M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh, and a law degree degree from the Dickinson School of Law. And, of course, your undergraduate degree from Penn State.  While we’ve all been wondering what happened to you to make you such a hateful, spiteful, vindictive piece of shit, I think that Penn State might have something to do with it.

Did you perhaps spend some time in the showers with Jerry Sandusky?  Just sayin’…

Then we have good ole’ Mittens, who loves Michigan because the trees are just the right height.  Mitt, whose wife Ann drives two Cadillacs.  Cuz one just isn’t enough.. you’ve got to have one at each home.

Mitt says people like me “think there’s something wrong with being successful.”  No, Mitt, that’s not the problem.  Your problem is that you have no idea how the average person in this country struggles to get by each and every day.  And you’re a fucking liar to boot.

Mitt says he thinks the auto industry bail out was wrong.  We should’ve let the big three car makers go bankrupt.  But did you know that Romney’s two biggest billionaire backer made billions more on the audio bail out?  Of course you didn’t, until now.

Greg Palast to the rescue!  The author of Vulture’s Picnic has a scathing new piece out – “Romney’s Auto Bail-Out Billionaires” – that shows how Mitt’s money men made out like the bandits they are – off of the auto industry bailout that their frontman continues to decry.  Urgh!

If you think we’re not being lied to about anything and everything by these liars and hypocrites, then check out wikileaks today, as they will begin publishing 5.5 million emails from a “global intelligence” company, Stratfor. I was alerted to it when I received this press release from the always-brilliant Yes Men last night.   Read it, and let your blood continue to boil.

Then read this account of Bradley Manning’s day in court, courtesy of Logan Price in the Guardian.

Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars watches the Sunday talking head shows each week so we don’t have to.  She gives us her account of them every Monday morning in a segment we call Fools on the Hill

Really, we could spend the entire time talking about Rick Santorum. He gives us seemingly an unending amount of discussion points in his attempt to capitalize on his lead in Michigan. I’m not even going to touch his whining that Romney and Paul are secretly ganging up on him, and just deal with the things he say that show what an out-of-touch extremist Santorum himself is.

But before we spend time on Mr “Please don’t Google me”, let’s look at some other talkers.

One of the things I find myself constantly thinking about as this election season drags on is how we look to the rest of the world. Zbigniew Brzezinski—who is no stranger to extremists in politics, having consulted with almost every president since Eisenhower—had one word for our current crop of Republican presidential wannabes: embarrassing.

Mitt Romney, who is a one-man gaffe machine, sounds almost like he’s given up the ghost on the race. In a rare appearance on the Sunday shows (albeit on Fox News), he told Chris Wallace Americans should “vote for the other guy” if they couldn’t relate to him.

And in one of those Earth-spinning-off-its-axis moments, I found myself agreeing with George Will (I’m sure I’ll be punished for it somehow) when he tagged Allen West’s “economic nonsense” for the tea party favorite to blame President Barack Obama for the high cost of putting gas in his Hummer.

Even still, it is Rick Santorum that takes the cake for outrageousness on Sunday. This man is crazy, flat out crazy. He told George Stephanopoulos that he wanted to “throw up” at JFK’s secularism when the first and only Catholic president re-affirmed the separation of Church and State.

He also told Stephanopoulos that Obama was an “elitist snob” for encouraging young people to go to college. He personally knows the shame of being a conservative in college and claims he was “docked” for being a Republican in college. Of course, that’s not the way others remember it, but hey, being a Republican means being able to pull facts from your posterior to suit.

By the way, as he told David Gregory, the reason that Obama wanted so many young people in college is because he wants them “indoctrinated” to the liberal agenda (which as you know, appears on the syllabi of almost every university course and makes up a large portion of your grade).

And because he can’t leave well enough alone, Rick Santorum proves that being Republican means never having to say you’re sorry. He told David Gregory that Obama’s apology for Koran burnings showed “real weakness.”


And finally, I played a bit of this at the top of the show… In case you missed those Oscar-nominated films, here’s the good bad parts of all of them…

Tomorrow … Congressman Dennis Kucinich and GottaLaff!

Feb 232012

At first, I thought I was the only one giggling at the inane things that came out of the mouths of these mental midgets, but then I checked the rating! The nation was laughing too.

Historically, debates of this sort didn’t garner much attention.  But when the inmates took over the GOP asylum, the debates were appointment viewing, with drinking games anew for each and every episode.  Perhaps some were watching, hoping against hope that the trap door would open beneath each idiotic contender as they were voted off the ballot by viewers in their living rooms.

Alas, that didn’t happen.  But we did get to see for ourselves what tools many of the so-called-journalists are in their roles of debate moderators.  Take John King, for example, who last night let Newt Gingrich charge that Barack Obama voted “in favor of infanticide” without so much as a “what did you just say?”  Incredible.

And now we learn that there may be no more. Oh great…

After a quick recap of last night’s debacle debate, I moved on to the subject of the media on this morning’s show.

Sue Wilson, producer/director of the documentary Broadcast Blues has been working tirelessly on making the public airways public once again.  Listen to our interview, and check out all she has going on over at the Media Action Center.

We wrapped up our abbreviated week with John Fugelsang, talking music, politics and religion (or the perversion thereof). What more could you ask for?


Feb 222012

Hey Rick, froth this.  The good news is that our outrage helped.  Virginia’s governor Bob McDonnell is now backing off his unconditional support for the bill that would require women to have a horribly invasive procedure known as a “transvaginal ultrasound” before getting an abortion (something that was still legal last time I checked!).

Just a short time ago, McDonnell issued a statement

Mandating an invasive procedure in order to give informed consent in not a proper role for the state. No person should be directed to undergo an invasive procedure by the state, without their consent, as a precondition to another medical procedure.”

Good for him. Perhaps the rest of the Republican party will wake up soon too.

In case you hadn’t seen a visual depiction of just what this trans-vaginal procedure looks like, here you go:

Of course, the sycophantic and idiotic Dana Loesch thinks that’s just like having sex!

I just can’t wait for tonight’s debate to hear the four old white guys up on the stage tell us women what we can and can’t do with our bodies!

This morning on the show, after stewing for a while again about the insanity in today’s GOP, I spoke with Lois Frankel, congressional candidate from Florida’s 22nd District – you know, the one that Allen West is running away from.

In the second hour, I chatted with my buddy Jason Leopold, one of the few remaining investigative journalists. Jason takes advantage of the Freedom of Information Act regularly – and just last week filed a lawsuit against the FBI and a number of other governmental agencies over their apparent disdain for following the laws regarding FOIA.

And thank you once again Lee Camp…

Feb 212012

Well, that was fast!  As you may know, I went to California for a week to enjoy lots of music and old friends.  Included in the trip came a nasty 24-hour stomach flu for both Alison (my daughter) and myself.  Although my 24 hours are long up, I’m still feeling the residual effects – and the lack of sleep from flying home on the red-eye last night, so this will be both late and brief!

Today on the show, I was joined by two people I got to see while in Los Angeles!  Howie Klein, who blogs at Down With Tyranny and runs the Blue America PAC (and its Senate page) with Digby and John Amato, guested in the first hour.

And being Tuesday, the second hour was a visit from The Political Carnival’s GottaLaff who brought us these stories this morning:

VIDEO- Newt Gingrich: “You can’t put a gun rack in a Volt.”

2008 VIDEO- Rick Santorum on Pres. Obama’s faith: “What I can tell you is, objectively, that faith was an avenue for power.”

VIDEO- Rick Santorum: Prenatal care leads to abortions

Rick Santorum: Liberals “border on disdain for the common man.”

AUDIO- Dana Loesch: I won a “big battle” with Keith Olbermann; trans-vaginal ultrasound = consensual sex.

VIDEO- Michele Bachmann: “The Republican party is extremely pro-woman.”

AZ co-chair of Mitt Romney campaign stepping down after allegations of a relationship with a male Mexican immigrant

Pat Buchanan: “My days as a political analyst at MSNBC have come to an end.”

More tomorrow…

Feb 142012

It is Valentines Day, after all.

I’ll be taking the next few days off… heading out to California for the 15th annual Sunset Sessions. The wonderful Shane-O will be filling in for me the next few days, and I’ll be back next Tuesday morning, fresh from the red eye flight back home.

Today on the show, I spoke with Jean Altomore of about the GOP Keystone XL pipeline amendment they added to the transportation bill that will be voted on today.  Go to and sign the petition to stop it now!

Lee Fang joined me from his new job at Republic Report (part of United Republic) – an investigative blog that tackles the corrupting influence of money in both political parties, the media, and American institutions!

And we finished it up with GottaLaff of The Political Carnival and these stories:

Android app cites the Bible, calls abortion “wrong… murder… thanks!”

30 second vid I made: VIDEO- Mitt Romney: I’m Severely Conservative, dammit!

VIDEO- Mitt Romney heckled about Cayman Islands, fracking

VIDEO- Mitt Romney: Welfare recipients should be drug tested, “a great idea.”

Grover Norquist: “We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don’t need someone to think it up or design it.”

VIDEO- Shallow Thoughts: Media bias edition

VIDEO: At CPAC, Newt Gingrich jokes about tracking immigrants using FedEx, UPS

Video- Andrew Breitbart Loses It At Occupy CPAC Protesters

VIDEO: Conservative rappers at CPAC appear to use N-word, then claim they were saying “Knickers”

Feb 132012

Ian Dury and the Blockheads with a good description of today’s show.


Sex and Drugs

Those santimonious hypocrites posing as the religious righteous on their high horses can go fuck themselves, and they soon may have to do so.  Hey guys – you take away our birth control, you will never get laid again.

Hey Marco Rubio, I’m talking to you with your sanctimonious Religious Freedom Protection Act of 2012.

I called Rubio’s office this morning on the show and asked why he hates women.  This pandering piece of horrible legislation would allow ANY business or corporation to refuse its employees coverage for birth control based on their personal religious beliefs or moral convictions.

I asked if they’d put an exemption in for the Church of Scientology so they wouldn’t have to cover psychiatry and psychiatric meds.  How about the Jehova’s Witnesses who don’t believe in blood transfusions.  Should they not be required to provide insurance coverage for that for their employees?

And what about the Christian Scientists, who don’t believe in using doctors at all?

This isn’t about others putting their beliefs on the Catholics/ anti-choice people; it’s about the Catholics / anti-choice assholes pushing their beliefs on us.  It’s not about religion, it’s about stupidity..  And they want to impose their stupidity on the rest of us.  No, thanks.

It’s about them not wanting you to have sex and drugs, I guess.

Rock and Roll

Congratulations to Adele! It’s great to see real music win accolades from across all styles.  Bruce rocked it.  “We Take Care of Our Own”  speaks to the moral conscience of this country.  Hey GOP and the 1%, listen to Bruce.

Also on the show today, I was joined by David Dayen of FireDogLake news who brought us up to date on the shitty foreclosure fraud settlement deal.

And as she does every Monday, Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars joined in with Fools on the Hill -  the Sunday talking head shows…

Another Sunday, another day of Republicans telling us that their extremist views are the norm, all polls to the contrary.

Like Peggy Noonan, who calls the “left of the Democratic base” *extreme*. Why? For supporting reproductive rights. No, seriously.

On the issue of reproductive rights, Mitch McConnell—who really needs to lay off the Botox—tells Bob Schieffer that any employer should be able to deny contraceptive services. I seriously can’t wrap my head around the notion that we must re-litigate contraception services. But again, never let it be said that there isn’t anything Republican Party wouldn’t do to appeal to the one percent. Even if it’s the one percent of the population who wants to deprive women of contraception (and the therapeutic medicinal value of many contraceptive drugs).

Rick Santorum got into the fray as well on contraception. He told David Gregory that lack of insurance coverage wouldn’t deny women access to birth control. They could just pay for it, doncha know? Of course, he doesn’t explain how women living in reduced circumstances now, thanks to Republican Party policies, are supposed to pay for it.

Speaking of paying for contraception, Paul Ryan told George Stephanopoulos that the Obama administration’s compromise to say that religious employers wouldn’t have to pay for contraceptive coverage but the insurance companies would was nothing more than an “accounting gimmick.” Hard to argue the point, but considering that the entire Bush administration was nothing more than accounting gimmicks to hide the burgeoning deficit, thanks to tax cuts and two wars in the Middle East, not to mention his own ridiculous budget proposal, I’d say that Ryan shouldn’t throw stones.

But I don’t want you to think that it was nothing but conservatives slut-shaming women for having sexual lives. Jack Lew, the new White House Chief of Staff, had to really talk down David Gregory from demanding the austerity measures here in the US that have worked oh-so-well across Europe. David Gregory, happy member of the DC Village Elite, comfortably ensconced within the one percent, thinks that the only answer for America is to reduce the services we give to the poor and elderly.

And if there’s time, George Soros wins the award for the most obvious soundclip—which not one member of the media will admit that they know and never acknowledge with their guests: Republicans are cynically hurting the American economy for political gain.

Feb 092012

Today’s show was about all of these! Music and politics are probably my two favorite topics. Religion, notsomuch, which is one of the reasons we need to talk about it today!

The show began with politics.  Details are emerging about the 49 state settlement with the five big banks on foreclosure fraud.  (Which state didn’t sign on?  I know that’s what you’re asking yourself right now.  Answer in a moment.)

David Dayen at FireDogLake probably had the best explanation of this piece of shit deal (which I read from on the air today) …  and Mike Lux has some good commentary on the subject at Daily Kos.

Basically, offering people who are underwater in their homes a mere $20,000 principal reduction is wholly inadequate, and giving those who lost their homes due to foreclosure fraud $2000 is despicable.

More as the deal is finalized, I’m sure…

Religion has been the topic for the past few days, as the Catholic Bishops seem to think they were elected to run our government.  The Constitution says we are all equal, and are all entitled to the same protections.  That includes access to health care.  If all insurance companies are mandated to offer contraception coverage, that means that the Catholic church must off it to their employees too.

If they don’t want to, then they need to stop taking federal funds (and that includes enjoying their tax-exempt status).

The other solution, which I favor, is getting employers out of the health insurance business.  We can do that quite easily with Medicare for All…

Religion was also the topic I discussed with Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. As he details in his new book, No Snowflake in an Avalanche, and in the Washington Post yesterday – “Religious intolerance is rampant in today’s Army, Air Force and Navy” – well, the title of that article says it all.

A few examples:

… there are thousands of … horrifying examples of military-imposed religious predation. Some of the most shocking are detailed in my new book, No Snowflake in an Avalanche (Vireo, 2012)

The roll call of oppressive shame includes:

• Disabled Navy veterans being aggressively and involuntarily proselytized in VA hospitals while hooked up to heart monitoring devices;• Air Force pilots being stripped of their wings for failing to adhere to mandatory Christian prayers;

• Army and Marine recruits being savagely beaten for refusing to renounce their minority faith and converting to Christianity;

• The Air Force being caught infusing its official nuclear missile launch officer training with “End Times” Armageddon biblical citations and accompanying justifications;

• Almost 1 million rifle scopes branded with New Testament biblical citation

The list is almost endless and the lesson is crystal clear: When you oppress members of the U.S. armed forces by telling them that they lack integrity, intelligence, courage, character and honor because of their chosen religious faith, or lack thereof, there is absolutely no difference between that inhumanity and telling someone that they’re inferior because of the color of their skin or because they are a female.

This MUST stop!

As for music, it’s usually on my mind!  This morning, the news broke that Clarence Clemon’s son Jake will join Bruce Springsteen on their 2012 world tour.  This, from

The expanded lineup for this Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tour features singers Cindy Mizelle and Curtis King, trombonist Clark Gayton and trumpeter Curt Ramm, all of whom have toured with Bruce Springsteen in the past, along with newcomer Barry Danielian on trumpet. E Street stalwart Eddie Manion and first time tour member Jake Clemons will share the saxophone role.

Very cool!

Also, I’m about to embark on a musical weekend, as Alison and I attend Michele Clark’s 15th Annual Sunset Sessions! I’ve been to at least five or six of these amazing musical gatherings, and I’m so excited to go back.  Michele joined me on the show this morning to talk about all the spectacular places we’ve been and the fantastic music we’ve heard!

And to close the show, John Fugelsang joined me to pull it all together and talk about all three topics…

I did promise to post this video sent to me by OccupyDCRob regarding the conflict over whether or not there is a “Black Bloc” trying to undermine the Occupy movement.  This is courtesy of Anonymous, and it’s perfect:

Feb 082012

This morning I was pleased to speak with someone who minces no words when it comes to Global Warming. Max Boykoff is an assistant professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and just wrote the book, Who Speaks for the Climate?: Making Sense of Media Reporting on Climate Change.

He also recently wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post, “A Dangerous Shift in Obama’s ‘Climate Change’ Rhetoric

In the first hour, I chatted about Romney’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day yesterday with the awesome Cliff Schecter…

Before the show ended, I got a call asking if I could fill in for the still-bronchitis-suffering Randi Rhodes, thus the lateness and brevity of this post.

Sorry…  Please accept my apologies along with some humor from Andy Cobb:

Feb 062012

I’ve been busy getting our new chatroom up and running…  If you registered today here on the website, you might have to re-register tomorrow using the chat registration.  But after that, we’re done!

In the first hour of the show, I was joined by Howie Klein of Down With Tyranny and the Blue America PAC, talking about the need to elect real progressives to office, and a few of them who are worthy of your votes and donations!

In hour two – as we do every Monday – I was joined by Nicole Belle of Crooks and Liars for our Fools on the Hill segment.  This week, she brought us the following…

The Susan G Komen/Planned Parenthood sucked the air out of the room for Mitt Romney’s victory in Nevada. It also didn’t help that Romney refused to go on any of the Sunday shows and all Newt wanted to do is whine about Romney.

So of course, instead we’re going to get conservative males—because that’s mostly the only type that’s ever booked—opining on the Komen controversy.

Proving his firm grasp on pseudo-science, Rick Santorum justified Komen’s defunding of Planned Parenthood because abortion increases the chance of breast cancer, donchaknow? Of course, this is the same guy who inserted himself in the Terry Schiavo debacle, so medical science is clearly not his forte.

Meanwhile, Matthew Dowd, chief strategist for Bush-Cheney, bemoans the messy kind of democracy evidence by the Komen pushback, where the little people rose up and said that the 1% cannot just push their agenda on us.

Tired of men talking about Planned Parenthood? You’re in luck, because Dana Loesch (and someone please tell me why she deserves a place on a national television show) opts to pimp a completely debunked “sting” by Lila Rose of Live Action as proof that Planned Parenthood should have started offering mammograms if they wanted to keep Komen funding. Except that PP never offered mammograms, just offered patients access to one.

Along the same lines, women’s reproductive health was definitely in discussion and on Meet the Press they segued from Komen to the new HHS regulation demanding that institutions—including religious ones that offer insurance to other non-church-going employees—offer contraception as part as their comprehensive care. Of course, David Brooks and Alex Castellanos use this to further the Gingrich meme that Obama has declared a war on religion. Thankfully, Rachel Maddow is there to remind these conservative white men that refusing contraceptive care in the 21st century is just not going to fly.

Contrast those examples, if you will, with the thoughtful discussion had on Up with Chris Hayes with *gasp* four women of the Komen controversy.  Is it any wonder that Desmond Tutu at the World Economic Forum last week called for women to have a greater voice in government?

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