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May 032010

The comedy took place Saturday night at the White House Correspondents Dinner. It came from the President, not from the comedian. (Perhaps that was Leno’s tragedy!)  The tragedy happened and continues to happen all around us… from the oil geyser in the gulf, to the massive flooding in Nashville and surrounding Southern cities and states, to what’s happening to musician Danny Tate, and lots more…

We kicked things off today with a conversation with Editor in Chief Joan Walsh! It was her first visit to the show, and the first time we’d ever spoken. I’m a fan of Joan’s… even more so after seeing her composure in the face of stupid evil like Dick Armey and just plain stupid like Mika Brzezinksi!

Danny Tate is a wonderful musician/singer/songwriter whose life has been turned upside down due to his brother, a lawyer and an either crooked and seriously corrupt judge in Tennessee. Click here to listen to my interview with Danny (it’s also contained in the podcast of the entire show, which you can hear by clicking on the player at the top of this post).  Click here to read the “Nashville Scene” piece that tells the entire, very sad story. Click here to get to Danny Tate’s diary and here for the “Friends for Danny Tate’s Defense” facebook page.

And finally, we wrapped up the show with a visit from Crooks & LiarsNicole Belle and a recap of the Sunday talking head shows….

Apr 292010

Put yourself in this scenario… Your husband and daughter go to India for a spiritual retreat. While in a hotel in a picturesque location and practicing meditation, crazed terrorists storm the place and massacre that killed and/or injured hundreds of people. Your husband and daughter are among the dead.

I know, it’s something that none of us even want to imagine. But if something like that were to happen to my family, I know I’d want to kill the animals who did this with my own bare hands.

Tonight, I spoke with Master Charles Cannon, founder of the Synchronicity Foundation. The group was holding a spiritual retreat at Mumbai’s Hotel Oberoi when terrorist stormed the hotel and other locations around the city on November 26, 2008. Four of the group were injured, and two were killed.

The two were the daughter and husband of Kia Scherr, who had stayed home in the US. Following the attacks, Master Charles Cannon and Kia Scherr refused to condemn the terrorists, speaking instead of compassion and forgiveness!  On Monday, the lone surviving gunman, Ajmal Kasab, will be sentenced for his role in the attacks.  Many are pushing for the death penalty, though not Master Charles and Kia Scherr, who’ve launched the organization One Life Alliance to lead others to recognize the value of life as sacred.

Master Charles released this statement:

“From the beginning, our response to the Mumbai terrorists has been one of
compassion and forgiveness but not condonement. We do not favor the death
penalty because violence never solves the problem of violence. It does not
change the life-negative belief that is causative to the behavior. We do not
choose life-negation, fear, hatred and violence. We choose life-affirmation,
love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness and peace.

“We believe there is a need to show these young men how to understand and
embrace the oneness of all life. For this reason we advocate for Kasab’s
rehabilitation and education, and would welcome an opportunity to share our
message with him.”

And Kia Scherr said this:

“I am grateful to the Indian authorities and to the people of Mumbai, and
grateful to see the trial concluded. The events of 26/11 have forever
changed me and though I still mourn the loss of my husband and daughter, I
will continue to honor the sacredness and oneness of all life and share this
experience with others. I believe that we can make a difference when we live
with this perspective. This is why we have created One Life Alliance, to
create this conversation that is so badly needed in this world.

“If circumstances permit me one day to meet Ajmal Kasab, to simply sit with
him as a human being and listen to what he has to say and then share my
experience on the sacredness and oneness of all life, perhaps he will be
moved. He could be one of the most powerful voices of all for anti-terrorism
and could save many more lives than were lost in the attacks.”

It was an eye opening interview that I’m very glad I had the opportunity to conduct!

We actually started the show with breaking news! Just moments before hitting the air, Florida Governor Charlie Crist had made the official announcement that he was leaving the Republican party and continuing his run for US Senate with no party affiliation!  I played the announcement, and then discussed it with Miami Herald Tallahassee bureau reporter Marc Caputo.

And, as we do on most Thursday nights, we wrapped up the week with a visit from comedian John Fugelsang.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day of voting for the DFA scholarship to Netroots Nation. I’m trying to win, and I could use your vote.  Please click here and register your support to help get me to Las Vegas!

And the weekend is here for me… I’ll be celebrating my daughter’s 11th birthday (with a slumber party.. yipee!), but back here Monday night with a recap of the Sunday talk shows with Crooks & LiarsNicole Belle, and a visit from Salon’s Joan Walsh.  Talk to you then!

Apr 282010

There’s a truly remarkable, albeit depressing website. Click on CostofWar. com and you can see, to the second, how much the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing us. I can’t even post the figure, as it’s constantly changing… the counters move faster than the ones at the gas pump.

Tonight, I’ll chat with a couple of people who’ve done the math in California.  You probably remember reading about the students in California protesting the rate hikes in the state university system just last month.  Now, Brave New Foundation, University of California Student Leaders, and the Consumer Federation of California have teamed up to raise awareness of the impact and cost of the war in Afghanistan on California’s taxpayers, particularly students

Tonight, I’ll be joined by UC Berkeley student Ramon Quintero and  Zack Kaldveer, Communications Director, Consumer Federation of California.  Click here to see the film they put together with Brave New Foundation, and read California’s Great Recession and and the Costs of War.

We’ll start the show with a look at some of the news stories we might otherwise have missed with Christy Harvey, director of strategic communications for the Center for American Progress and

I was thrilled when I heard that Joe Garcia would run for Congress again! He should have won in 2008, but lost in a close race to Mario Diaz-Balart,  the incumbent in FL’s 25th District. Diaz-Balart is changing districts to run for the seat currently held by his brother, who’s retiring, as it’s a safer Republican bet. Joe left his job with the Obama Administration’s Energy Dept to run again.. He’ll join me tonight at around 7:20pm ET.

And we’ll wrap up the night with my favorite activist David Swanson, who’ll give us all the details about tomorrow’s Teach In on Capital Hill, moderated by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and including Jeremy Scahill, Swanson, Ann Wright, conscientious objector Josh Steiber and others…

Apr 272010

What a difference a day makes! Although I’m not 100% yet, I am feeling much better today.  And it’s a good thing, because it was a very busy show tonight…

We started with comedian Jamie Kilstein who, along with Allison Kilkenny hosts Citizen Radio. Jamie has a new CD out, called Zombie Jesus

It had been a while since I last spoke with Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He joined me tonight to talk about the wars and what it’ll take to end them, health care reform and why he voted the way he did, financial reform, and more… If you happen to be in Washington DC on Thursday, join him for a “Teach In on Capital Hill: What Congress Must Do to End US Wars and Help Secure a Peaceful Middle East“  (More about the Teach In tomorrow, with activist David Swanson.)

Environmentalist/Activist/Author Bill McKibben, founder of, has a new book out… Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet.  We talked about the book, the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing lately and how it’s all connected to climate change.

Ellen Ratner checked in with a news update from the Talk Radio News Service.

But there’s more…. My boyfriend sent me this column about Pat Tillman, written by Bill Dwyre, sports columnist for the LA Times. I was so impressed with what he wrote so I emailed him and asked him to join me to discuss it…

And finally, I checked in with investigative journalist Greg Palast to talk about his latest piece for “Behind the Arizona Immigration Law: The GOP Game to Swipe the November Election” — another way to look at the insanity from the most unwelcoming state in the nation…

And one more thing… Senator Carl Levin is my hero of the week, thanks to this line of questioning from today’s hearing on Goldman Sachs…

Apr 272010

Sorry for the delay in posting last night’s show. I’ve been somewhat sidelined by the flu, so am moving at a slower pace than normal…  Better late than never, I suppose.

We were also plagued by some technical problems last night. I’m pretty sure I’ve got those figure out, so tonight should be flawless. (I hope you found the humor in that statement!)

Last night’s show included a conversation with filmmaker Zach Roberts, who’s working on “The Rogue Candidate: Sarah Palin’s REAL Alaska.”  We got our regular Monday night news update from Victoria Jones at the Talk Radio News Service.

And Crooks & Liars‘ Nicole Belle joined in for a recap of the Sunday talk shows…

Tonight promises to be a busy show… I’ll be joined by Congressman Dennis Kucinich, environmentalist/author Bill McKibben, LA Times sports columnist Bill Dwyre, political comedian Jamie Kilstein… and I’ll try to get a handle on the Goldman Sachs hearings happening today on Capitol Hill too… Talk to you tonight, 6-8pm ET… Radio or not!

Apr 222010

What a way to end the week… It was a busy show tonight. So click on the player above, and here’s what you’ll hear:

Since today is Earth Day, we started the show with a conversation with Jeff Regen, VP of Online Communications for Defenders of Wildlife. In addition to a campaign to urge people to dedicate a day of service to the earth, they’ve also spearheaded a drive to make Discovery Inc rethink its terrible idea to air a program on its TLC channel called “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

There is a light at the end of the Boehner tunnel. I spoke with Justin Coussoule, the Democratic challenger running against John Boehner for the Congressional seat from Ohio’s 8th District! Justin was just endorsed by the Blue America PAC, so help him get the orange guy out of our Congress, if you can.

Last night, I played the phone message left on FreedomWorks voicemail by voice actor D.C. Douglas that wound up costing him his gig as the announcer voice in the GEICO commercials. Tonight, I spoke with D.C. Douglas and heard the whole story, first hand, from the voice himself!

I liked D.C. yesterday, when I first heard the story, and like him even more today, after speaking with him…and seeing this video he put together:

Jack Rice checked in with a report from the Talk Radio News Service

And we wrapped up the week with a visit from comedian/actor/author John Fugelsang

Just a quick favor to ask… please take a moment and click here.  I’m trying to get a DFA scholarship to Netroots Nation this summer, so I can use your support.  (It’ll just take a moment, and doesn’t cost a cent… just your vote!)  Thanks.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back with a new show Monday — 6-8pm ET.

Apr 212010

Listener Marc in Phoenix emailed today to tell me that Mercury is in retrograde. It actually started on 4/18 and will remain so until 5/11. Perhaps that explains the weird news that’s taken over the airwaves today.

I talked about some of these stories with Christy Harvey of the Center for American Progress and Mic Check Radio, who joins me for the first segment of the show on most Wednesdays. Tonight, we talked about the craziness that is Nevada GOP Senatorial hopeful Sue Lowden and her claims that you can barter with your doctor or pay for medical treatment with a chicken.

We also talked about voice actor Lance Baxter, the GEICO announcer, who was fired over leaving an angry phone message for FreedomWorks and lots more…

After getting frustrated about the outright lies told by the GOP about, in this case, the financial reform bill, I called upon researcher/reporter Angie Drobnic Holan to shed some light on Mitch McConnell’s insane claim that it guarantees ongoing bank bailouts.

Victoria Jones checked in with a news update from the Talk Radio News Service.

And we finished the show with a visit from Crooks & LiarsJohn Amato, talking about the police state that Arizona has become, the awful mocking of’s Joan Walsh by the vapid Mika Brzezinski on “Morning Joe” yesterday:

…and more…

Apr 202010

MSNBC’s Tamryn Hall actually asked Ryan Grim that question this afternoon, to which he answered an emphatic “Yes.. Happy 420″.  I’m not kidding… See for yourself in what was one of the best segments I’ve seen on the place for politics, during the daytime anyway…

I put together my own 420 salute, with a little help from Ryan Grim’s appearance with Tamryn Hall on MSNBC… And  Ryan Grim joined my on the show tonight too, to discuss the origins of 420, and take a look at the progress we’ve made toward ending prohibition.  By the way, if you’re curious about the marijuana laws in your state -or any other – check out this page, thanks to CNBC.

Before we leave the 420 festivities, you have to love this classic, courtesy of the Lawrence Welk Show:

Now on to financial reform. I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around this bill and what’s in it and reconcile that with the lies that the Republicans are telling about it, thanks to the talking points provided by Frank Luntz.

Tonight, I was joined by Heather Booth, director of Americans for Financial Reform, a coalition of national and state organizations that have joined together to fix our financial sector and make sure it’s working for all Americans.  I urge you to listen to the segment of the show in which she explained the problems that got us here, what’s in the bill, and what we’re hoping to improve upon.  And definitely check out their website and sign up for their mailing list to stay informed and involved.

And finally, in case you were wondering how to pronounce that volcano in Iceland, here’s some help…

Apr 192010

Mondays creep up on us entirely too quickly. But they always arrive and we deal with them…

Today was a day I had been dreading, as I was truly frightened about what it might bring. Not because it’s Monday, but because today is April 19, 2010 — the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. It was a day that gun worshipers decided was a fitting day to hold pro-gun rallies in and near our nation’s capital.

Timothy McVeigh apparently chose April 19 as the date to bomb the federal building in Oklahoma City because two years earlier, the Branch Davidian compound stand-off was ended by the government. And, according to Rachel Maddow’s show right now on MSNBC, the spark that started the American Revolution happened on April 19, 1775.

The crazies that are being led around by the nose by Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, etc are just ignorant and unhinged enough to use a day this this to do something equally violent and obscene. I am breathing a small sigh of relief that now, at around 9:30pm, we’re still standing… somewhat.

On tonight’s show, I was joined by blogger/broadcast Bob Cesca. He’s had a couple of recent Huffington Post pieces (part 2 here) about Glenn Beck and the danger he poses to the rest of us.

I turned to Crooks & LiarsNicole Belle for a Sunday show round-up, and Karoli for the scoop on the new Kelsey Grammer-fronted hatefest “Right Network.” Yikes, as if the “right” didn’t have enough control of the airwaves…

Apr 152010

Yes, it’s April 15. The day we real Americans hand over a portion of our hard-earned money to insure that the commons are taken care of. We true patriots don’t enjoy giving up a big portion of our income, but we realize that we must contribute so our country can take care of the infrastructure, so that our seniors get their Medicare and Social Security, and so that our military can keep us safe (or wage wars which, unfortunately, is what they’re doing with most of our money now).

But the tea baggers are out in force today, still claiming that President Obama is a socialist, communist, nazi, fascist (or, according to many of the tea partiers) some combination of all of the above!

My first guest today was Ken Vogel, senior reporter for Politico whose piece on the connection between the Tea Party Express and GOP fundraisers has been quoted widely over the past few days.

I rambled a bit about the President’s trip down here to Florida today, which included a visit to the Kennedy Space Center for an announcement about our new space program, and a trip down here to Miami for two fundraisers: one at Gloria Estefan’s mansion (at a cost of $30,400 per couple!) and the other one for the rest of us for the much more reasonable $250-$1250 (which I still refuse to pay even if I could afford!)

I brought you up to date on the Florida politics saga, in which Gov. Charlie Crist today vetoed the heinous education bill I told you about yesterday, and the speculation on the possibility of his running for Senate as an independent intensifies.

And we read some of the best tea party signs from yesterday’s Tea Party Express stop in Boston…

Victoria Jones checked in with today’s news update from the Talk Radio News Service.

I spoke with blogger/tweeter @Shoq about this story about the latest lies and videotape from Faux News and Sean Hannity.

And we wrapped up the week with my regular Thursday evening visit with the always funny and charming John Fugelsang

And now, it’s my weekend! I’ll be back with you live Monday, from 6-8pm ET… Radio or Not!

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