That infographic should explain the whole sordid affair, or not.  Seriously, I haven’t delved into it until this point because, as salacious and intriguing as it is, it’s really none of our business.  Of course, hate wing talk radio would have you believe that the whole thing is tied into Benghazi because, well, you know, Obama.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for the Lifetime movie to come out…  The funny thing is that truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction because if anyone had floated a screenplay as implausible as this, they’d be laughed out of the industry!

Meanwhile, this morning Luke Russert proved – with one question – why nepotism is a bad thing.  This neophyte was never qualified for the plum position he holds at NBC news and, if his name were not Russert and his dad hadn’t died an untimely and sudden death, he’d be paying his dues like the rest of us.

But at the press conference where Nancy Pelosi announced that she’d be staying on as Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, Li’l Luke said, “but you’re old!” or something like that.  And Nancy educated him…

Time for NBC to send this kid down to the minors.

On the show this morning, we continued our conversation about the future of progressive talk radio, this time with Jon Sinton, the original program director of Air America, now one of the people behind Progressive Voices.  They already have a great app, and their new stream is in the works. Stay tuned!

Amy Simon of She’s History joined in to tell us that the David and Paula and John and Jill affair and others like it have been going on at the highest levels of government forever.  She told us of Victoria Woodhull and her extra curricular activities and how they propelled her to run for president, and to be in jail on election day!

And John Amato, founder/publisher of Crooks and Liars had a few things to say about this story too…