It’s deja vu all over again, but this time it’s radio listeners in Portland Oregon reeling after their voices were silenced on the airwaves that are supposedly owned by the public.

Unfortunately, Clear Channel did the same thing here in South Florida four years ago, and we still have no outlet for political talk on the public airwaves with any viewpoint other than right wing nonsense.  Clear Channel also flipped then-progressive talker Green 960 in San Francisco, but in that case, they just put a bunch of the crazy hate wingers  on rather than running their Fox Sports programming.

Today, Talkers reports that Seattle’s AM 1090 might  be next to flip:

Is CBS Radio’s KPTK, Seattle the Next Progressive Talker to Flip?  Seattle-based blogBlatherwatch (cool name!) is reporting the WYD Media-produced Stephanie Miller talk show indicated on Monday’s broadcast that CBS Radio’s KPTK, Seattle would flip from progressive talk after the holidays.  No report on what the station may become and the report has not been confirmed by CBS Radio.  If this comes to pass, it would be the second West Coast progressive talk outlet to recently shuck the format as Clear Channel’s KPOJ, Portland did Monday (11/12).  It’d also be the second progressive talk station that’s been in the format for a relatively long period of time – eight years for each station – and located in “progressive” cities, to change formats.

I think it’s time to step up our efforts here at Radio Or Not...  If you know of a great progressive show that might fit in our fun little ustream home, please let me know, or have them contact me.   We’ve got our work cut out for us…

This morning on the show, I welcomed the former morning host at the late KPOJ in Portland, Carl Wolfson, to my show.  There are still efforts to save KPOJ, so get involved.. and also stay in touch with Carl on Facebook.  

We’re in post-election mode and the glow is still strong! The Nation’s Ari Berman was on with me a lot during election season talking about his work covering the right wing voter suppression efforts.  Today, he came back on to tell us how it backfired (BIG youth, black and hispanic numbers for Obama), and how their next effort is to kill Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

And it’s Tuesday, so we shoot the shit with GottaLaff of The Political Carnival!  Today, she brought us a new Blunt webisode, along with these stories:


Conservatives to Queen of England after Obama victory: “Find it in your heart to forgive us and take us back”

Say NO to creationist vouchers

If at first you don’t secede, try, try a petition

VIDEO: Grover Norquist: Pres. Obama “was elected on the basis that Mitt Romney was a poopy head.”

Gabrielle Giffords’ husband to shooter: Political class “afraid to do something as simple as have a meaningful debate about our gun laws.”

Haley Barbour: “We had some shi**y candidates. We pissed away two seats.”

Half of the 2013 Senate now supports some form of filibuster reform

And a big shout out to the always funny Andy Cobb for his latest video gem: