To paraphrase President Obama, voting is the best revenge!  Here in Florida, we voted and won!

Although I was happy about a number of races here in the Sunshine State, two made me particularly giddy.  First up, my favorite congressman returns to the House of Representatives!  Alan Grayson was the GOP’s #1 target in 2010, and they poured millions of dollars into the campaign to oust him.  They succeeded in propelling his horrific opponent in that race, Daniel Webster, to an 18 point victory over Grayson.

Oh, what a difference a term can make.  Alan Grayson won by a history-making margin on Tuesday, beating his opponent by a whopping 25 points!  The House Historian confirmed that Grayson’s win was the biggest comeback in the history of the US House of Representatives — a 43-point wing, back to victory!

Alan Grayson joined me on the show this morning so I could personally congratulate him. We also talked about his priorities upon returning for the 113th Congress!

But before welcoming Alan Grayson back, I tp;d the tale of the other Allen from Florida, soon to be Former Congressman Allen West who got his ass beat by political newcomer Patrick Murphy.  OK, the margin of victory was very slim — so slim, indeed, that West has yet to concede….  In fact, he’s wasting taxpayer dollars by demanding a recount.  But mark my words, this man is getting what he deserves.  He’s going down!  I put together a little audio farewell that’s included in today’s show, but here it is as a standalone too…

Allen West buh bye by Nicole Sandler

Marijuana prohibition repeal activists had a good day Tuesday too, but this ridiculous war on drugs isn’t funny at all.  Award winning filmmaker Eugene Jarecki has a new documentary (opening in Miami tonight and in cities around the nation all month) dealing with the subject called The House That I Live In.  He joined me on the show this morning to talk a bit about the problems and the changes we need to enact.

And we finished up the week with the wonderful Maysoon Zayid who finally has her power, cable and internet back after grappling with Sandy’s wrath!